Recent Political Quick thoughts

Recent Political Quick thoughts

The United States applauding Alain Garcia’s election in Peru would have been like applauding a PRI win in Mexico. It just goes to show how bad Bush II has made the American name and model in South America. And how cynical and dishonest his team is…

Those of you who said there wasn’t any impact to the type of evil spin and disassembling done during the Clinton years, well this is it. Now a much more nefarious leader is able to get away with spinning on humongous world issues, ala Iraq, Israel, Russia, Libya, etc. because the Clinton era legitimized the culture of spin with the flip reply, “Well, we all do it.” Still chasing the multiple wrongs make it okay to do wrong fallacy. Before and up to that point, American politicians at least had to issue the standard “I don’t recall,” denial. Not only Reagan, but Bush I, had to do so. Recall, he had to deny, deny, deny, any knowledge of the terms of the Iranian hostage crisis ending. He and the CIA had scheduled the timing of it around Reagan’s inaguration. Bush I couldn’t spin his role in it, he had to deny he had one. Hell, Bill Casey was killed during Iran-Contra because there was going to be no plausible way he could have gotten away with the old, “I don’t recall routine.”

Clinton did recall, and admitted it, but decided he could disassemble to the American public in a way that politicians post Johnson’s Vietnam debacle and Nixon’s red handed, caught on tape Watergate, had briefly assumed was taboo. A bad standard was set, and America is paying a wicked price.

Aaron Mandel

Aaron Mandel is a writer and an accomplished public speaker. He is the publisher of the Clarion Content. For more than a decade, the Clarion Content has covered Durham’s arts, politics, music, and cultural milieu. From breaking news stories to the hottest local acts, the Clarion Content is on the scene. The Clarion Content published more than twenty distinguished guest columnists and garnered nearly a million views. Mandel is a volunteer for the Durham Mighty Pen Literacy Project and serves as the President of the Board of Sustain-A-Bull Durham, a local small business collective with more than 200 members. He writes regularly on the Clarion Content and has been quietly writing fiction since the 4th grade. Mandel has been published in the Raleigh News and Observer. He has also produced numerous art shows, including, “Durham under Development”. He was a featured speaker at “The State of Publishing” conference. He has presented to Durham Chamber of Commerce, “Chamber U” on the “New Media”. He has also served as the play-by-play announcer for the D.B.L., a Durham youth basketball league. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Religious Studies from Indiana University in Bloomington. An avid policy debater at Indiana and a Nation Debate Tournament qualifier, Mandel was also a member of the New Jersey State Champion two-person Policy Debate Team. He has lived in North Carolina, New Jersey, California, Texas, Illinois, Colorado, Indiana, and Baja California, Mexico.

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