Reply to E-Mail of 8/14

Dear Sender,

Stuff like this is so embarrassingly inaccurate and jaundiced that it detracts from the Cause you are trying to support.

This is a link to how the EU spends its aid money to Palestine.

EU aid to Palestine

Propaganda and lies are supposed to the be the tools of the bad guys, don’t indulge the people who think if “they” lie, its okay if “we” do, too.

People like that belong in the George Bush II camp for disassemblers and other lying, self-centered, egomaniacal political hacks with un-aired, un-debated, underlying views and motives. (that don’t involve smiling, happy, peaceful Jews, but rather are themed more like the Book of Revelations and the Left Behind series.) The administrations willingness to distort the truth has empowered and strengthened everyone else’s ability to do the same, from terrorists to conspiracy theorists.

Closely read the email that was forwarded is almost Orwellian in its distortions.

Europe “supports” a primitive Middle-Age Death cult??

Every time you buy a bottle of Evian or a Godiva chocolate “you are financing the next Muslim mass murderer”??

These kind of wild distortions are what allow others with hurtful intentions to do the same. Jews should be more aware and more vitriolically opposed than most to the harms of this kind of twisted truth. (See the Blood Libel, The Protocols of Zion…)

Please feel free to send this response along to the person who sent you this email and anyone else you forwarded it to.


Aaron Mandel

Aaron Mandel is a writer and an accomplished public speaker. He is the publisher of the Clarion Content. For more than a decade, the Clarion Content has covered Durham’s arts, politics, music, and cultural milieu. From breaking news stories to the hottest local acts, the Clarion Content is on the scene. The Clarion Content published more than twenty distinguished guest columnists and garnered nearly a million views. Mandel is a volunteer for the Durham Mighty Pen Literacy Project and serves as the President of the Board of Sustain-A-Bull Durham, a local small business collective with more than 200 members. He writes regularly on the Clarion Content and has been quietly writing fiction since the 4th grade. Mandel has been published in the Raleigh News and Observer. He has also produced numerous art shows, including, “Durham under Development”. He was a featured speaker at “The State of Publishing” conference. He has presented to Durham Chamber of Commerce, “Chamber U” on the “New Media”. He has also served as the play-by-play announcer for the D.B.L., a Durham youth basketball league. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Religious Studies from Indiana University in Bloomington. An avid policy debater at Indiana and a Nation Debate Tournament qualifier, Mandel was also a member of the New Jersey State Champion two-person Policy Debate Team. He has lived in North Carolina, New Jersey, California, Texas, Illinois, Colorado, Indiana, and Baja California, Mexico.


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  • Reply December 31, 2009


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