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A long time Clarion Content feature, “Interesting Links and Links of Interest,” returns. Check out old posts below. Click here and scroll down.

The purpose of our Interesting Links pieces is to steer you to the entertaining, if off-beat, the fascinating, if less than earth-shattering, memes that populate the interwebs. Surely there are interesting links and fun stuff happening everywhere. If you see an interesting link you would like share, email it our way ClarionContent at Gmail dot com. (Type @ for at and . for dot. We are hoping to avoid additional junk in our in-box by switching up the nomenclature.)

Our first interesting link is to a piece by one of our favorite rock and roll interviewers, Chuck Klosterman. Klosterman has interviewed everyone from Bono to Noel Gallagher.1 He is also a sports fan. He has an acerbic, intellectual take that is frequently absent from the monosyllabic and cravenly devotional work characteristic of much sports writing.2

Here Klosterman takes a look at the Tim Tebow phenomenon and what it says about the fissures and bigger debates American culture. Tebow is polarizing. Why? It is a fascinating read, as interesting a cut on Tebow-mania as we have seen anywhere. If sports is a microcosm of society… then Tebow and the media’s coverage of him hold an important mirror up to our collective selves. It asks questions about our cultural position on faith that are very relevant, especially on the precipice of a presidential election. Read the whole article here.

Our next interesting link is for those of you looking for something to do on the day after Christmas. Don’t let the Monday blues get you down. December 26th is a day to get up and get down. Get out and dance around… LiLa will be hosting a CD release party at the Casbah on Main Street in downtown Durham. Check out this hilarious promo video. Hear music from the new album, “III” here.

Next up, more cool stuff to know about… The Nation’s Restaurant News selected the winners of its 2011 Hot New Concepts award. Crave, FöD (Food on Demand), Mixt Greens, True Food Kitchen and Twisted Root Burger Company. These restaurants span the gamut from an American take on sushi to a concept from Sodexo, wherein guests place their orders on touch-screen kiosks, watch their food being made-to-order, and are alerted via their smart phones when their food is ready.

Our final interesting link is cat science related. The Clarion Content has long supported the widely held notion that cats are more elegant than dogs, now comes evidence from the New York Times Science section to prove it. Did you know cats lap their water faster than the human eye can see?3 Maybe not, but you surely knew that cats don’t make those unseemly slurping and slobbering sounds that dogs do when drinking water.

The NY Times reports… “the cat’s lapping method depends on its instinctive ability to calculate the point at which gravitational force would overcome inertia and cause the water to fall.” The study’s author Dr. Roman Stocker said, “Three and a half years ago, I was watching Cutta Cutta [his cat] lap over breakfast.” According to the Times, “he wondered what hydrodynamic problems the cat might be solving. He consulted Dr. Reis, an expert in fluid mechanics, and the study was under way.” Rest assured, cats’ inherent grace was verified. Read the whole article here.

Share your interesting links with us and read about them in our next edition.

1Don’t worry, in searching for an appropriate name to pair with Bono, we had to look up who the heck Gallagher was too…the lead singer of Oasis.

2Bill Simmons, Nate Silver and Charles Pierce excepted.

3Four times per second.

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    The LILA show is actually at Motorco Music Hall at 723 Rigsbee Ave. Durham, NC 27701.

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