Liberty Arts: Aluminum Pour

Liberty Arts foundry, who’s grand opening celebration at their new location is March 16th, hosted a fascinating metal pour during the January Durham Art Walk. Despite miserable rainy weather, it was an amazing spectacle. Molten aluminum was poured from a red-hot vessel into molds made of composite of sand resin.

For safety, the public was kept at some distance from the action. Still, one of our fabulous photographers, Beth Mandel, of Scenes from my Lunch Hour, was able to get a few cool snaps.

Check’em out. And don’t miss Liberty Arts Grand Opening. Rumor has it Durham faves, LiLa, will be making a special guest appearance at the ribbon cutting and maybe even playing a few tunes.

As things heat up, an interested observer looks on.

The molten vessel is lifted and attached to a small crane.

Liquid metal pours out.

Liquid metal overflow forming pools.

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