Fashion Drive-by: The Intern

The Clarion Content presents our latest Fashion Drive-by…

Bohemian Redneck style

Models Giulia Lopomo and Emily Butler. All clothing and accessories from the Gypsy Witch Collective. Hair by Angela Goldman and Kara Pezzimenti.

At Clarion Content, one of our favorite things about Durham is our city culture mingled with the neighborhood feel of a small town. One way that theme reoccurs is in the degrees of separation rule. The standard saying calls it the “Six degrees of separation rule.” In Durham, even with more than 230,000 residents, normally there is no more than about two and a half degrees of separation.

Our summer Fashion Drive-By, shot by Katie Davidson, intern extraordinaire, is a prime example of what the culmination of such a tight knit creative community can result in.

Ms. Davidson came to our attention at the grand opening of Liberty Arts new location; at the Cordoba Center for the Arts. Liberty Arts, friends of the Clarion Content, is non-profit artist collaborative sculpture studio and foundry, and it just so happens we were speaking with a member of their board, when up walked a beautiful, statuesque, strawberry-blonde haired woman.

Ms. Davidson, Katie, as she introduced herself, was a soon to be graduating senior at Durham Academy. She won the Senior Photography Award there, and has been interested in fashion and photography since childhood. She needed a place to do her senior year internship, had heard of the Clarion Content, and sought us out. It sounded like a match made in heaven.

So step one, Durham-style, turn around at a grand opening of a fabulous artists’ studio and bump into a talented, driven, youthful photographer who wants to work with our team.1

Giulia Lopomo and Emily Butler top photo; bottom photo, Emily Butler

Step two, in our it is barely two and a half degrees of separation in this town, the Gypsy Witch Collective. True, they are based in Carrboro2, but we met them in Durham, through the auspices of Kala Wolfe and the dtown Market of Durham, at MotorCo first and third Sundays.

Gypsy Witch Collective is three young women, River Takada-Capel, Andrea Iacobucci, Buffy Maske, combining their iconic and unique styles to create a collection of up-cycled clothing, jewelry, and accessories. The theme of this Fashion Drive-by is “Bohemian Redneck.” Much like the shoots themselves, in which we seek to highlight the often arbitrary contrasts and interplay, between high and low fashion, high and low culture, here in Durham, we find that they, like the fabric of our town, are interwoven, inseparable.

Everything Gypsy Witch creates is made from found, second-hand materials, and reads like a high-fashion editorial piece. It is something so rarely successfully executed in the remade fashion world, yet they pull it off over and over again. Tie-dyed fabrics, fringed tops, and studs work with the collective’s one of a kind, hippie couture inspired jewelry.

The fabulous duo of Angela Goldman and Kara Pezzimenti styled the models hair into edgy, modern plays on classic ponytails and braids. What better way to embrace our southern soul than taking the girls into the country to get a little bit more rock and roll? Shot on location, at a gorgeous farm on Lawrence Road just outside of Durham, at the home of Ms. Davidson’s close friend, Maggie Coates,3 we couldn’t have asked for a more whimsical but genuine spot.

The true definition of ‘bohemian’ is malleable and in the eye of the beholder. It therefore can refer to many strands of time, many of the alternative ways artists have looked at the world, usually it signifies coming from an outsider or unconventional viewpoint.

The result of so many creative partners in the melting pot of our Fashion Drive By’s is they are only getting better and better. Durham, we’re grateful! We could not do it without you. Be on the look out for our shoot on the bus, The Bull City Connector, in these pages soon.

Feast your eyes on these beauties. Models Emily Butler and Giulia Lopomo. All clothing and accessories by and available for sale from the Gypsy Witch Collective. All photos by Katie Davidson.

Trouble and fun live right next door.

On the road back to Durham.

See even more photos here on BWPW photo4.

1Durham culture rocks. Durham is dank.

2Correction. Correction. The Gypsy Witch has moved to Durham.

3There are those two and a half degrees of separation again, this time providing us with a sweet location to shoot.

4BWPW Photo graciously served as our second shooter on this Fashion Drive-by.

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