STITCH and Pin Durham

The Pin Durham map

We heard somebody pinned this corner… Recognize it?

As is the norm these days, this Friday night in Durham offers as many options as one can possibly attend and more. Two of the most interesting happenings are at two Clarion Content favorite locations, the Carrack and Mercury Studio.

Over at the Carrack on West Parrish Street, starting at 7pm, they are hosting Akira Morita and Dipika Kohli’s STICH, Durham Word Art. For the past couple of months the Orangutan Swing duo have been going around polling people on the one word that they want to see Durham become. The Clarion Content gave them a word. Have you?

If you haven’t yet, no worries, as this is only the launch party. They are looking to help us (all of us) distill our vision of Durham. The top 50 Words will be become art. An opportunity for you to weigh-in on Durham’s future and facilitate the making of art? Yes, you get to offer meaning and have it interpreted and reflected into the community. How can you stitch it together any better?

We are not sure there is an answer to that question, but over at Mercury Studio, they are thinking about our Durham community and orienting art around it, too. In this case, the game was played more physically than metaphysically. Last month all those who wanted to participate in, “Pin Durham” showed up at Mercury Studio, were blindfolded and spun around like the old child’s game, “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” They were then sent towards a map of downtown Durham, sharp object in hand.

The Pin Durham map

The Pin Durham map

Fortunately, there were no injuries. Each player agreed to create her or his own work of art representing the physical location they pinned.  This Friday at 7.30pm the art work will be revealed. Mercury Studio owners and founders, Megan Jones and Katie DeConto, put very few restrictions on the participants and are expecting responses in an array of mediums.

Jones will be giving a talk Friday at 8pm speaking to the concept behind the project, inspired by Dart St. Louis, and introducing the participating artists. Works will be on display through the month of February. And don’t sweat it, if you didn’t get a chance to Pin Durham and make your own art this time, Jones says, given community enthusiasm, there will be more rounds of pinning, penning, painting, and sculpting Durham through Art.

Can we get the Chamber of Commerce involved? DCVB? The Mayor? The school system? Who is hosting this art after it comes down from the walls of The Carrack and Mercury Studio?

The Clarion Content will keep you posted, dear readers.

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