Fashionable Irony comes to Durham

Fashionable Irony comes to Durham
by: Cady Childs

The funny thing about clothing weaknesses is we all have them – twenty versions of the same white blouse, an excessive amount of black blazers in our closets, another pair of skinny leg trousers from an ironic color family, or simply too many bracelets. As aware of our soft spots as we all may be, it doesn’t change the fact that we’re going to keep buying those white blouses as many as we want to, because, frankly, you can never have enough of them.


I had a chance to sit down with Karen Manganillo, one of the founders of ‘Another Fucking Tote’ a new line that embraces just this concept.  Karen and her best friend, Jess, were shopping with a group of ladies on a vacation when they all started swooning over a tote bag they saw in a shop. Their immediate thought – “Just what we need, another fucking tote.” Little did they know, they were onto something without even planning it.

The two pals had been looking for the perfect project or idea to collaborate on. With their mutual love of travel, coffee table books, beautiful things, and each other, they wasted no time getting going when they found a starting point. Fifteen months after that iconic phrase was spoken, Another Fucking Tote was born.

The original run featured gold, pretty text on beige canvas, with ‘another’ spelled out in feminine, curly script.  The two began selling the bags on Etsy immediately, and simultaneously continued to develop their line. They now also feature the bag in black and navy blue, with ‘Another Bloody Tote’ as a second option for the Anglophiles among us with a fair sense of humor. And, clearly, if you need another tote, you definitely need another note. Cards are the newest addition to their offerings, with classic one-liners like ‘another f*cking note’ or ‘a note from another f*ing blogger’.

Karen moved to the Triangle area two years ago, with her business partner and friend, Jess, still back in New York. Although there is now a physical distance between them that didn’t exist before, their friendship is one of the major factors helping this collection gain momentum.

“It’s amazing to have someone by your side with something like this, especially when it’s your best friend,” Karen said. Both creators were at the Rock & Shop Market a few weeks ago, with their new note cards, postcards, as well as the classic totes. “There’s a cool energy here- it’s a good feeling to be a part of it.”

We’ve got a feeling Durham’s pretty happy they’re a part of it, too. Check out their official website at, their instagram here (@anotherfingtote), and their twitter feed here.


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Aaron Mandel
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