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The Clarion Content has gotten word that the League of Upper Extremity Wrestling Women of Durham is teaming up with Liberty Arts and The Scrap Exchange.  The League of Upper Extremity Wrestling Women of Durham (LUEWWD) naturally, in true Durham style, it’s pronounced “lewd” is going to be at the Cordoba Center for the Arts, Saturday, April 20th for LUEWWD VIII: Industrial Strength. This event is a ladies arm-wrestling charity fundraiser to provide scholarship funds for women and girls interested in taking select courses at either arts organization.

Intensity LUEWWD style


As part of their on-going efforts at community outreach, as emblazoned in their respective mission statements, representatives from Liberty Arts and The Scrap Exchange want to expand art programming to reach girls and women. It is a deliberate and focused step at outreach. Both organizations have solid track records in this regard.

And the reality is many local females, especially young people, and/or those from low income families, may have an interest in skills like welding, glass blowing, sewing, or sculpture that in these days of declining school arts budgets simply might not be available. Even at private community supported institutions like Liberty Arts and the Scrap Exchange such resource intensive classes can be expensive and cost-prohibitive for many Durham residents. This concern was evident to the two arts organizations and they were looking for a way to broaden opportunities.

That’s when sculptor, Mike Lupa, an artist with Liberty Arts contacted LUEWWD.

LUEWWD competitors face-off

LUEWWD competitors face-off

Lupa had attended various women’s arm wrestling fundraisers in upstate New York and knew that there were several leagues across the country, one of which was right here in Durham.

Our friends at LUEWWD use theatrical arm wrestling as a means of raising funds for projects and initiatives that benefit women and girls in the Durham community. You might remember we profiled their event with our friends at Engineering World Health last year.

Lupa contacted LUEWWD organizers and submitted an application to become LUEWWD’s next beneficiary in conjunction with the Scrap Exchange. One the great communitarian benefits of arts centers, like the Cordoba Center for the Arts, is one merely has to walk next door to find potential collaborators.1

Their application to LUEWWD was accepted in October of last year and the three organizations (Liberty Arts, Scrap Exchange, and LUEWWD) have been planning this unique event ever since.

Unlike some previous LUEWWD events, this one will take place in great outdoors, behind Liberty Arts, alongside ReUse Warehouse, in a space curated by the Cordoba Center for the Arts. This change in venue is an exciting one for the LUEWWD organizers and they are thankful for the support from local sponsors to make this event happen.


LUEWWD VIII: Industrial Strength an April 20th event will feature eight new lady arm-wrestlers, including such nebbishes of nomenclature and arbiters of understatement as: Pippi Strongstockings, Betty Rumble, and Alotta Doe.

The doors will open at 7.30pm for pre-game activities including food trucks (Chirba Chirba Dumpling and Liv’s) cornhole, and beverages. The event is sponsored by The Boston Beer Company – Twisted Tea, Cordoba Center for the Arts, ReUse Warehouse, Morgan Imports, The Casbah, Phunco, and MAYDNEW DJ & Event Planning.

Tickets are $5 and will be available at the door. You can also purchase ringside tickets in advance for $25 by contacting

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Full disclosure the Clarion Content manages promotion and marketing for Liberty Arts.


1The Scrap Exchange and Liberty Arts are adjacent in the Cordoba Center for the Arts, behind Goldenbelt.

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