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A few words of heartfelt introduction…

Adventures have been my life blood for as long as I can remember. Try anything, try everything was the beat of my drummer. I am always willing to try something new, give it a whirl at least once.

Sometimes I cringe at some of the distant episodes, but as we live, we learn. And I smile too.

I know that my grandmother had an adventurous spirit. Her willingness to move across the country at 80 to make a new life for herself. Her larger intention was to be close to me, her love far exceeded her fear and doubt.

How lucky I am to have been loved with such fierce devotion.

The lesson I drew, choose the path of passion.

I would love to hear from you about some of the adventures you are pursuing or desiring. If you need any assistance, lift, or guidance, I am right here to help shepherd those inclinations. Enjoy the writings of one of my inspirations, Catherine Howard.

All my adventurous love,


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Molly’s Minstrels guest columnist Catherine Howard, is on a journey to visit thirteen artists’ collectives in thirteen countries in 2013 exploring building art through building community. Here she writes about Molly’s Minstrels Spirit of Adventure.

Spirit of Adventure
By: Catherine Howard

“Adventure” in American culture is so laden with pressure.  Mention that word, and visions of epic quests, safaris, and travel into outer space pop to mind.

“Adventure” is misconstrued as large acts, but in all actuality “adventure” consists of very tiny steps that are taken every day.  Frodo has to slog for months through swamps and forests and mountain passes for only a handful of battles.  That’s a whole lot of small steps.  People who go on safari may see lions and elephants from afar, but for many it is only a brief interlude in a deluge of Facebook updates.  Astronauts train for years by looking at knobs and dials before blast off and then commence spending days staring at knobs and dials just in a different environment.

Adventure is not an act but a mindset to be brought to every activity in life – laundry, changing diapers, lovemaking, gardening, filing, commuting, playing music, petting an animal, mowing the lawn, locking eyes with someone across the bar…   

Adventure requires open eyes, a vulnerable heart, and a curious mind.  Open eyes see the beauty and complexity of the activity in front of you.  A vulnerable porous heart allows the depth of an experience to impact your entire self.  A curious mind continues to mine each moment for new nuggets of insight and opportunities to press boundaries of your expectations further and further.

Molly’s Enchanted Donkey

Molly’s Enchanted Donkey

Adventure requires dogged perseverance, represented by Molly’s Enchanted Donkey.  Adventure doesn’t arrive in one giant sweeping moment and thereby requires continual commitment in each small step.  No matter how many steps you’ve taken in the forest, you have to take one more step forward.  Adventure won’t find you – you find it only by continuing to press forward.

Adventure is not comfortable.  The uncomfortable ramifications of those tiny steps shouldn’t spark a cautious red light.

Allow those fears and concerns to float pass as markers that you are on the right path, adventure is surrounding you, changing you, and enriching each future moment with more perspective, depth, and insight.  Adventure comes with tears and blisters and anxiety and the thrill that only comes when life is lived to the fullest.

Be it this 




Or this 


If you open yourself to fully experience the world in all its pain and joy and make one small uncomfortable decision every day, then your entire life will be an adventure.


“Life is pure adventure, and the sooner we realize that, the quicker we will be able to treat life as art.”

Maya Angelou


What is your current adventure?


What’s one small step that you can make today?

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