Bring me That comes to Durham

Mortons Waiter

Have you heard, dear readers, about the latest edition to the Triangle Start-up Factory, Durham’s entrepreneurial incubator in the American Tobacco Campus? “Bring me That” is an on-line food delivery service for smaller restaurants.

Probably something like this...

Probably something like this…

Sure you can order Domino’s from your iPhone already, but if you want something from a Mom-n-Pop restaurant, it isn’t that easy. This is just the niche “Bring me That” hopes to fill. They have previously built a similar network in Ohio featuring over 1,400 restaurant listings. Check out their site here.

They already have 78 restaurants signed onto their Durham service, from Chai’s Noodle Bar to Dale’s Indian Cuisine. A quick perusal showed that, for now, a lot of these restaurants are offering the service for catering orders only. Word of mouth is still spreading. “Bring me That” received $50,000 in start-up capital funding from the Triangle Start-up Factory.


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