Hyperspring from the Durty Durham collective tonight at the Pinhook


The 3rd annual Hyperspring fundraiser from the Durty Durham artist and musician collective launches tonight at The Pinhook. Durty Durham is a mysterious, loosely bound, yet intrinsically powerful force in the Durham arts and culture ecology. Frankly, locked in as we are on the city scene, your editor would be hard pressed to identify definitively more than one member of the Durty.


And it is kind of befitting, they are not a club, a guild,or a gang. Their roots and shoots reach many places in our Durham. Methinks to our collective benefit. We wouldn’t want The Administration¬†getting too comfortable. From what we can tell those Durty hearts are in the right places. We need rabble rousing to resist gentrification.

Come raise ruckus with the rockin’ Durty Durham backed show tonight HyperSpring; featuring The Brand New Life, The Black Experience and And How. The Pinhook, 9pm, $10. Show helps Durty Durham artists and musicians raise funds to support their¬†fall music festival JAMNESIA.



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