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Aaron Mandel



What does karma mean in a practical sense? In a real way?

To me, it is the closing of circles, the linking of hands.

The evidence that we are all in this together is self-evident from my perspective. Karma is reaching out to one’s neighbor, holding the Golden Rule close to one’s heart.

When I was in high school and then college, I used to say that I was going to introduce everyone cool I knew to everyone else I knew that was cool, so that they all might know each other. I even had a snazzy name for it, I was going to call it, “The Conspiracy of the Cool.”

Today, I no less believe in that naive dream. I want all the do-ers, and movers, and shakers, and artists, and true believers in the human spirit that I know to join hands in helping one another out.

Do we still need a snazzy name? I don’t know, but I do know my friends and colleagues given the opportunity are doing an unbelievably, wonderfully, amazing job of reaching out and extending that hand.

One of my personal inspirations, Catherine Howard of the 13x13x13 Project, was introduced to my dear pal, the life coach, and the curator of Molly’s Minstrels, Bonnie Cohen.

Naturally, two warm-hearted people like Bonnie and Catherine hit it off. Bonnie was soon attending all of Catherine’s fundraisers. Catherine’s thirteen country trip round the globe to foster connections and explore how art invigorates and revitalizes communities is entirely donor financed.

They dug deeper into each other’s stories.

Catherine discovered that Bonnie had made trips to Ojalá Niños, a very special art, music, literary community program to benefit the indigenous children of  San Miguel Viejo in the state of Guanajuato, México. Bonnie has donated time, art supplies and more in her visits to Guanajuato. Catherine, looking to do the same, was able to connect with Ojalá Niños.

Karma closed the circle. Hand helping hand led to the beautiful meditation Catherine writes below… Read more and donate to support her efforts here at the 13x13x13 Project’s website.

13x13x13 Project in action at Ojala Ninos

13x13x13 Project in action at Ojalá Niños

in Catherine Howard’s own words

We were sitting in a circle as the sun was setting. The chill of the desert evening had yet to seep into our bones. The last sun’s rays made the priestess’ short-cropped grey hair glisten and the colors in her woven headband shimmer.

She wove a tale of the stars and planets aligning during this new moon. Stories of the Star of David and the pentagram.

She stared deeply into my eyes. Her eyes caressed my face with empowering belief.

Use this powerful energy to create a new world with your intentions.

Here I sit, on the day she foretold, feeling warm with connection to the sun, to the universe, to my heart, to you.

Join me in sitting for just a few moments today. Envision the world you would like to see, the person you want to be, the relationships you want to create, the healing you want to bring. Spill that vision from your heart as the children at Ojalá spill beauty from their hearts out into their world.

Trust that everything is possible.

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Writer and curator of Molly’s Minstrels, asks you to ask yourself… “What would be possible if you folded up a fear and put it away?”

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  • August 5, 2013


    What a beautiful surprise to find one of my emails here. You are such an inspiration. I love you, my Gladwellian Connector.