Molly’s Minstrels: The Spirit of Weaving


Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so that each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry.—Richard P. Feynman 


How interwoven are our lives? How interconnected are we with each other?

It feels to me that despite our seeming singularity and our fast paced age, our lives are still deeply knit together. I believe when my grandmother would do her knitting, she was really connecting with life in a deeper way. It is the small details, the friendly faces, that bring us the most pleasure.

weaving 2


The familiar patterns of our lives bring us so much contentment and connection. Individual threads are beautiful, full and poetic in their own making.  Put lots of stitches together and imagine what a symphony of spirits can conjure up.

bonnie and molly 2



It isn’t necessarily the fanciest meal that pleases us most, but the one that reminds us of home or family or friends or good times past. This is because we experience things together, not just with our senses, but in our hearts.

miss u


A little co-dependent, but a sweet sentiment…

Who is a thread that is woven into your daily life?

What is a connection you haven’t touched in a long time?

Who might be one of your golden threads?
Weave your thread into this story. Please comment below the Carolina Partners’ butterfly.

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