G drops High Self-Esteem


You know we love and believe in that DURM music scene. We want to hear that beat and cover it: from the official Hip Hop Summit to hip hop summits that are on nobody’s radar but the participants. Our music correspondent, Tim Mapp, aka a gent about town, reviewed Durham hip hop impresario, G’s, new album.

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G’s Soundcloud says he is an up and coming hip-hop artist with a gritty down south approach and big city wit. He was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina. His profile says he is looking to reach as many minds as possible through his music and that he is more concerned with the message than the means. Drawing on his experiences and living the words he speaks, he attempts to bring raw emotion and truth to each of his tracks. He draws his influences from a large variety musical talents such as The Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Common, Wu-Tang, Coldplay, Lenny Kravitz, Outkast, Cee-Lo,and Jay-Z.

G drops High Self-Esteem

by: Tim Mapp

Durham’s own “G” releases his new 14 track project a follow up album to High Awareness. This record has even more beats and greater efforts perfecting the sound he calls his own. This project was recorded at Sound Pure Studios of Durham NC. High Self Esteem was mastered by one of New York City’s best Mastering Engineers Crosby Collective Mastering. It’s been a full year and a half since the release of High Awareness and once you hear the new project you can see for yourself why it’s worth the wait.


Track by track review:

1.Intro (High Self-Esteem)

G starts this project off with something to wake up all of you’re senses. This track has a sound incomparable to anything that’s floating around the airwaves to date.

Quotable Bars: “These institutions have failed us, derailed us; Gotta see the end game is us dead or in handcuffs.”


2. Bullsh*t

Sure to be a hometown favorite.This selection goes into the everyday thought process of a Bull City Durham native.

Quotable Bars: “Im always think of ways to get my family straight; then they remind me it doesn’t take much to celebrate. We just light up the grill and straight congregate”.


3. Robocop

An anthem for anyone who strays from the normalities of life to follow their own path.

Quotable Bars: “You gotta choose you’re own path just to make a living. Aint nothin free out here boy you better pay attention.”


4. Rated G

Rated G is  “G’s” way of making a self-titled track without it actually being self-titled. This song is about young love or lust depending on you’re perspective, but it mainly elaborates on G’s views on how to win the  affections of the opposite sex.

Quotable Bars: “Aint got no ham and cheese, but lets make us a sandwich; A little me and you on top of that mattress.”


5. Addiction

What’s a Hip-Hop album with out a little bragging? One dosage of G and you will be addicted.

Quotable Bars: “Touchy feely using my hands I’m like a carpenter; I don’t really mess with you hoes, I’m not a gardener”.


6. Make You Smile

Slowing it down for look at the more serious side of things. This song illustrates why nice guys truly do finish last. Real life testimonies complied with other lessons learned bring a very sad tone to this track on the otherwise uplifting project.

Quotable Bars: “Frustration is an understatement. looking back I guess we both got complacent.”


7. Me, Myself, and I

A way to pick to mood back up in response to the previous cut. This track is about being comfortable with oneself and accepting the things in life that cannot be changed.


8. Sweatin That

G is the type of guy who quickly dismisses the small annoyances in life. This track does a better job of explaining that. Why sweat the small stuff?

Quotable Bars: “I move in silence while I’m creeping, grinding while y’all sleeping, I hit that Heisman while she’s queefing.”


9. Anyone Out There

This track is about self-loathing, desolation, and loneliness. Feelings no one should dwell within. G gives us a track to let those emotions go, to tell individuals experiencing them that they are not alone.

Quotable Bars: “Oh oh oh oh oh (oh) I mean I want to be a better man; but that struggle make you hustle for an upper hand.” “I’m not just trying to stay a float, I’m out here in the water trying to sink somebodies boat.”


10. Man Behind The Curtain

Starts off with an audio snippet from the legendary “Wizard of Oz”.

Quotable Bars: “I never battle with demons, I just levitate above the serpents and the leaches I control my fate.”


11. Under Pressure

Staying calm in necessary, especially in a world with constant struggles and obstacles. Often, it is more difficult to maintain focus during these hard times, then it is to just get through them. Listen to this track for inspiration.

Quotable Bars: “You can’t complain with no attempt to make a change; or make it rain with no attempt to try and save”.  “Gotta go face to face with you’re own oppressor if you’re always overlooked you gotta be aggressive.”


12. Sexy Woman

This one is for the ladies however; it contains elects that the fellas can appreciate as well.

Quotable Bars: “You look much more than a one night thing, girl you look so wrong I can’t find one right thing.”


13. Hi-Er (Outro)

Getting high is so much more than using drugs to escape reality’s pains. Its also about elevating above your current situation into a better way of living. In general, this track displays great storytelling skills as well as lyrical ability.

Quotable Bars: “We all know the worst feeling is rejection; the real truth is all about you’re perception.”


14. (Bonus) Don’t Wanna Leave

Just to go the extra mile G gives you one for the clubs. This one has the beats to make anyone move.

Quotable Bars: “I’m not Tazmanian, just a beast with no equal; and me and beauty here about to go make us a sequel.”


This is truly a Durham NC classic that everyone should give a few clicks to. Check it out here and be sure to download it for you’re listening pleasure.

And that’s how it be in the Bull…


Tim Mapp is more than just a hip-hop writer, he works at a couple of the area’s top clubs as a sound and lighting technician. He leads music business and recording seminars. A graduate of Full Sail University with a degree in recording and music business management, he is our leading eye and ear on the musical scene.

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