The Realness back to Hip-Hop

DURTY Studio has hosted and spawned some of Durham’s most prolific, artistic minds. Those familiar with the collective have praised their extensive contributions to Electronic Dance Music scene, highlighted by DURTY’s monthly sponsored event at the Pinhook, Party Illegal.

Lately, the best kept secret is DURTY DURHAM has become an incubator for Hip-Hop music, thanks in large part to in-house DJ-mixologists Treee City and Funkleberry. The duo host the Purple Flame Dojo, a training ground encouraging DJs to hone their craft on the One & Twos and collaborate with other artists. Without question, dope beats attract dope emcees like bees to honey. Within the last few weeks, DURTY has assembled an X-Men like cast of emcees to rock the mic late night minus slow jamming the news.

The emcees have included Durham veterans like Pierce Freelon of The Beast, and Median, who has been featured on numerous tracks with North Carolina legends, Little Brother. Seasoned veterans in combination with hungry newcomers revived this hard-hitting 90’s style posse cut that we have been starving for in the Hip-Hop community. Produced by LiLa producer and songwriter, JLa, The Realness is a gritty cut with bars about excessive force from Durham PD, searching for truth, and the occasional straight relaxin’.

The Grammys, if anything, proved there is a huge void in the Hip-Hop community right now for that old school boom bap sound in the mainstream.

“I don’t think Durty is purposely trying to shape the Durham hiphop scene in any particular way.  I would hope that our interest in collaborating and developing better skills is something that will rub off on the community in and around Durham.” – Funkleberry

DURTY is swiftly climbing out of the underground to fill that niche and establish itself as a breeding ground for slick rhyme-sayers and versatile beatmakers. 

Follow DURTY on Soundcloud here for more updates and new songs.


Columnist Justin Laidlaw is a renaissance man. His interests range from the music business to politics, from Durham’s history and culture, to the world beyond. The co-host of Clarion Content’s podcast, he is fast becoming a veteran columnist. He is a fashion model, a tech sceptic, a business manager and more.

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