Clarion Content Podcast 8:
Full Frame Documentary Festival

The Clarion Content podcasts are coming in hot and heavy, much like the cultural action in Durham. Normally, our podcasts are an every other week affair. Last week, we were delighted to have musician Tommy Rau on (check it out here.)

This week the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival takes over Durham.

We couldn’t wait another week! Podcast now!

Entering its 15th year, the Full Frame has experienced tremendous growth and played an essential role in the revitalization of downtown Durham. From its hub at the Carolina Theater, the Full Frame fills the streets with visitors. Last year, more than 30,000 tickets were sold to 11,000 individual patrons. This year every hotel in downtown Durham is completely booked for the weekend. An overflow of visitors from around the nation and world are pouring in, including the directors of more than 80% of the films that will be shown. (Check out the schedule here.)

The Clarion Content was lucky enough to be able to host the Full Frame’s Director of Marketing, Ryan Helsel, on our podcast this week. He told us one of the reasons so many directors attend the Full Frame is Durham’s reputation for intelligent audiences and great conversations surrounding the festival and the films.

Because this was an extra, additional podcast, we took the show on the road. We are and were extremely grateful to American Underground, where podcast co-host Justin Laidlaw is posted up on many a weekday, for the use of their space to record.

We were fortunate to have filmmaker, writer, and international guide, Ned Phillips, guest host on the program with Laidlaw and Mandel. Phillips has written extensively in these pages about the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. We were delighted to have an expert on board for this fascinating conversation.

As you will hear, Helsel is entering his 8th year with the Full Frame. He gives us the behind the scenes Durham story on the festival, along with a handful of recommendations on the don’t miss films of this year.

Durham, our recommendation, don’t miss the crowds, the people make it special…Oh and don’t miss that after dark screenings in Durham Central Park!

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