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The Clarion Content has had a long and successful history of motivated and creative interns. We are confident that our newest addition to the team, Ms. Lauren Alston, is going to carry the banner forward with veracity and enthusiasm. She is a vivacious rising sophomore at Chapel Hill High School who’s curiosity and perseverance has enabled her to cross the distance, physical and social from to Durham to Chapel Hill before she is even old enough to drive.

Below in her first piece for the Clarion Content she caught last week’s semi-annual Community Show at the Carrack on West Parrish Street.

The Carrack’s Community Art Show

by: Lauren Alston

The Carrack’s Community Art Show was a one-of-a-kind collection of art, ranging between sculptures, mixed media art, and paintings. It was an “artistic gumbo.” I really enjoyed going, despite the fact that I saw a few pieces of art that were eccentric, and even some that were a bit disturbing.

Having never been before to the Carrack, I had no idea what to expect. The website indicated a DJ, food, and wine so I assumed it would be a festive but art gallery atmosphere. The reality was much more casual. The scene at the Community Show was laid-back, yet excitement was in the air. Much of the audience was casually browsing and nibbling on tasty treats provide by Loaf, a local bakery located beneath the Carrack. Other viewers were engaged in enthralling, deep conversations with the artists who were present. The people ranged from an elderly gentleman quietly eating in the corner, to others enthusiastically discussing their favorite piece of art.

Fabrizio Bianchi... "Feel, Felt, Found"

Fabrizio Bianchi… “Feel, Felt, Found”

One piece that struck me was definitely Fabrizio Bianchi’s painting “Feel, Felt, Found.” At first glance, it is a messy painting of Snow White and the red apple, but once you take a good look, you are able to truly see the deeper meaning of the painting. After speaking with Bianchi, he revealed that the painting is meant to portray consumerism after drawing in the audience with a well-known scene.

A classic painting I liked was David Gellatly’s Duke Chapel. It didn’t necessarily stand out for pushing boundaries, but it was definitely a piece I’m glad I saw. It’s a reminder that there’s beauty in simplicity. It’s a lovely painting of the elegant landmark building, and it provided a little island of sanity amongst some of the more abstract works of art.

David Gellatly... Duke Chapel.

David Gellatly… Duke Chapel.

My personal favorite piece was one that I hope everyone saw, was Frank Myers’ Anticipation of Main Street. This work of art was created by layering two photographs of a lady and her child waiting at a Durham bus stop. The key to this piece was the location of the layers. The colors in the map are bright and vivid, and brought the entire piece to life. I loved this piece because the meaning is up to the viewer. I look at it and imagine the story of the women and child. The colors are so vibrant it’s like looking at a dream and trying to remember what happened.

Frank Myers...Anticipation of Main Street

Frank Myers…Anticipation of Main Street

All in all, the Community Art Show at the Carrack was a good venue for artists exploring all sorts of motifs and working in a variety of mediums to showcase their work and share with the appreciative Durham art community. The unique pieces provoked responses, from emotional to intellectual, it got you thinking. Some works were more abstract than others, but they all sparked thought and that’s one of the most important things that art can do.

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    Lynn McKoy

    What a refreshing review from such a young and intelligent perspective. Great job Lauren! I look forward to reading more from you.

  • Reply July 4, 2014

    Libby Lynn

    Thank you for covering our event! <3

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