Pet Portraits


A great offer from one of our fabulous photographers

Life changed for me when I got a dog. Simple as that. Lonely nights seemed a little less lonely, coming home felt more gratifying, waking up felt more cheerful, and suddenly I had an excuse to talk to strangers everywhere.

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I owe that to the APS of Durham, where I picked up Rooney (then Travis) in 2010.  Since then he’s been my constant companion – hikes, canoe trips, lazy nights on the porch, couch potatoing – he’s by my side for all of it.




And it’s been a pleasure to photograph him throughout.  Which is why I wanted to use my skills in photography to give back to an organization that has given me so much – the Animal Protection Society of Durham. For the next month, when you a book a pet portrait session (or buy one as a gift for someone else – they make great gifts!) you will receive 20% off the regular price and another 5% will be donated to the APS of Durham. For full details on the deal, visit our website.



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