Revolver Dolls at Goldenbelt


When we tell you life moves pretty fast in Durham, and you gotta pay attention or you just might miss something, we are not just quoting Ferris. It isn’t just the Carrack that likes to put up and take down it’s exhibits in the blink of an eye. The Pop-Up Art show model has become de rigeur in the Durty D.

What that means for you, dear readers, is when you hear about something fly, you better go see it asap. (Sidenote: Last 36hrs to see Megan Burchett and Ann Tilley’s “Love Signs at the Carrack is in final countdown.)

“Revolver Dolls” was up for a mere weekend at GoldenBelt. But in that time our friend, the terrific photographer, Alexandrea Thomsen, caught up with it and the artist extraordinaire,¬†Juliana Rodr√≠guez. Thomsen of DTown Perspective so impressed upon your editor, the daring, provocative quality and importance of the work, that even ex post facto, we had to share.

Don’t forget to turn on the sound.

So f*cking good.

Warning some R-rated content.

“Summer Wine” of Juliana Rodriguez (Revolver Dolls) from revolverproducciones on Vimeo.

Durham, it is not too late. Okay you have to go to a foreign land, aka Raleigh, but for this, it might be worth it. Revolver Dolls shows again at Vanness & Fellows, #226 East Martin Street, July 4th, 6pm-9pm.





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