Joshua Gunn Goes 0 to 100 for Glass Reflex

“Ain’t this a Drake beat? Shit, well maybe I should sing now…” 

No melody needed for one of Durham’s Hip-Hop veterans, Joshua Gunn, who dropped by City Sessions to spit his 0 to 100 Freestyle for Glass Reflex. Recently back from Europe, Gunn is looking for ways to put himself, and the city he loves, on the national map.

Durham is the epitome of perseverance. Everyone outside of Durham says, “Don’t go there.” A lot of businesses have turned their backs on Durham, but the city, the spirit of the Glass Reflexcity is that no matter what happens, we’re going to keep hustling and keep pushing and keep striving so that the eternal optimism is the spirit of Durham; the pride in our grittiness, our warehouse districts, our history. But how do you take that and turn it into a sound? We don’t necessarily have an accent or a sound of music because of our college scene. People come here from all over. It’s a melting pot of cultures, so it’s hard to find a unique sound.

J Gunn is a long-time standout on the North Carolina Hip-Hop circuit, sharpening his lyrical sword over time, including on the local battle scene. Professor Toon even went as far to say that Gunn was the dopest battler in the cafeteria back in grade school. He performed at The Stack for this year’s Art Of Cool Festival, and performed at the inaugural DURM Hip-Hop Summit.

Read the full interview from J Gunn’s Wrap Sessions with Glass Reflex here.

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Joshua Gunn rockin' "Eulogy of a Pimp" tee from Runaway Clothes

Joshua Gunn rockin’ “Eulogy of a Pimp” tee from Runaway Clothes

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