Street Art from the Azores

We keep saying that Durham needs more street art. Our friends at the Durham Street Art Tumblr agree. We have even heard rumblings of a Durham Mural Project. And you read in these pages of the tragedies befalling more than one existing mural in this town, as well as the wonderful new Civil Rights Mural underway next to the Durham Arts Council.

We receieved from one of our far flung correspondents the following message.

We know all of you at the Clarion Content love some street art and so we wanted to satisfy your needs even when we’re far away. Curating not just your city, but sometimes the world. Enjoy these pics from a Clarion Content contributor abroad in the Azores Islands of Portugal.


Beth Mandel is a photographer (and occasional writer / communications freelancer). She is the principal owner and photographer behind BWPW Photography where she photographs weddings, families, graduates, and other events. Her work appears regularly on ArtsNow NC, and has been published in the News & Observer, Duke Today Online, Hope Valley Living magazine, and Gist from the Mill magazine. Her fine art photography has been exhibited in several galleries including Through This Lens, the Durham Arts Guild SunTrust Gallery, and Mercury Studio.

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