The Carrack’s 3rd Annual
Art Auction and Gala
is Saturday

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Durham’s favorite zero-commission art gallery, the Carrack, is hosting their 3rd annual Art Auction and Gala this Saturday at their 111 West Parrish Street home.


The event includes a selection of the Carrack’s “Best of 2014” artwork and experiences. There is a full auction preview on the Carrack’s site here.

Rodrigo Dorfman's After the Flood: Our Lady of Perpetual Loss and Transformation

Rodrigo Dorfman’s After the Flood: Our Lady of Perpetual Loss and Transformation


Anna Wallace's "Get a Grip" a porcelain clay body with a Shino Glaze

Anna Wallace’s “Get a Grip” a porcelain clay body with a Shino Glaze


Tickets and 50% of the proceeds from the auction go to support the Carrack’s operations in 2015. As a zero-commission gallery, that in addition to its exhibits, supports things like nights of spoken word poetry and one-off musical concerts, the Carrack continues to amaze and survive on the generosity of Durham’s patrons of the arts.

The Carrack’s first months (June-August 2011, and the previous months prepping the space before opening) were made possible due to the efforts and vision of John Wendelbo via fundraising for The Durham Sculpture Project, of which the Carrack was originally a part. Then the Carrack scraped by on donations in their famed cardboard box before Wendelbo and Ritchie launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to cover the 2012 rent costs. Wendelbo exited the project in early 2013 and Ritchie continues to run the space and build stability with a talented team of advisors and volunteers.

The 50%-50% split of donated works sales’ price with the artists is new this year. It is a sign of how the Carrack makes every effort to respond to and support the community of artists it curates. In past years, 100% of the sales proceeds from works donated to the Gala had gone to the Carrack. Ritchie is ever conscious of the Carrack’s artists well-being, that very concept is emblazoned in their “about” statement.

From their website:

Our mission is to empower local artists to forge productive cultural and socio-economic ties with their community through professional exhibit and performance opportunities in a space that is not commercially driven. To date, the Carrack has hosted over 85 exhibits and supported hundreds of visual and performing artists. Our grassroots approach facilitates a dynamic conversation between the arts community and downtown Durham, one that directly fuels its ongoing revitalization.”

Next year, Ritchie hopes to secure a corporate backer for each piece of artwork donated to the Carrack’s auction. This would enable the gallery to give 100% of the works’ value to the artist/creator and still reap that same 100% of the works’ value to sustain the on-going mission of the Carrack.

Tony Waldron's Smoke Girl

Tony Waldron’s Smoke Girl

Close-up Tony Waldron's Smoke Girl

Close-up Tony Waldron’s Smoke Girl

The Clarion Content is a Carrack sustainer and we wholly and unreservedly support Ritchie’s efforts.

This year’s gala is “Creative Black Tie.”

Rumors abound about what Ritchie, herself, a star in the Durham firmament, will be wearing.

from the reFASHIONED fashion show

from the reFASHIONED fashion show 2012, photo by BWPW Photography

Come dance to the dulcet tones of jazz maestro and soon to be Clarion Content interview subject, Eric Hirsh.

Tickets are $125, $75 for Carrack Sustainers. Space is limited to just 70 guests. Support artists. Support your community. Support the Carrack.

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