“The Royalings” and “The Long Road”
meet at the Carrack


“The Long Road” is an installation that combines ceramics, drawings, and photographs to answer burning social questions: What is the long road and why are we on it? If corporations really are people, what do they look like?

As your editor, I am strongly opposed to corporate personhood. It is a capitalist fiction that has distorted the First Amendment beyond recognizability. Money is not speech. I am intrigued to see how Durham artist Maready Evergreen handles this hot button issue.


The exhibit is paired with Peter Alf Anderson’s mostly clay works, “Royalings.” The works in “Royalings” are, according to the press release, mostly ceramic busts inspired by the power narratives in chess. Again, I am curious to see how this will be handled, remember the most powerful piece on the chessboard is the Queen.

I am wholly ignorant in regards to the significance of that in-game reality, an early feminist counterpunch at the patriarchy?

Anderson’s exhibit is based loosely on the postmodern semiotician Umberto Eco’s essays, “Travels in HyperReality”, and examines the connections with Neo Medievalism embedded therein.

Opening reception is tonight, Halloween, from 6pm to 9pm. And the exhibit runs through November 8th, with the artists’ talks on Thursday, November 6th at 7pm.

A portion of the proceeds of “The Long Road” will be donated to the Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge, a local non-profit organization that works to rescue farm animals in need (piedmontrefuge.org).

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