Sights On The City:
Episode 6
Lightsey Darst of DIDA

Writer, curator, thinker, and Durham insider, Chris Vitiello, and I started sitting down for conversations outside Cocoa Cinnamon about two months ago. We push each other, inform each other, entertain each other.

We have set our “Sights on the City” allowing our sails to be filled by the cultural winds of Durham. We are both delighted to live in and talk about this “Roaring Old Place.” We have been here for a combined more than thirty years. Our pal, filmmaker, Josh Hardt is running the production and making all the technical wizardry happen. (Check out our new intro sequence he filmed downtown!)

In Episode 6, we talk with Lightsey Darst of DIDA, the Durham Independent Dance Artists, about the show upcoming at the Carrack and dance in Durham generally. We love that our community supports such a vibrant dance scene. We want to talk about it with you. Please comment at the end of this post. We would love your feedback, not only on how we are doing, but the subjects at-hand.

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