SHPONGLE and Phutureprimitve


I don’t really know what EDM is, or what qualifies music for that label…

That was how Shpongle broke down his perception of EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

Shopngle aka Simon Posford is known for his trippy psychedelic, visually enhancing, electronic sound. But it’s clear that his mind altering, conscience awakening, sounds stretch further than the walls of EDM.  He combines live instruments, sound bites, tribal music, and the voice of the other half of the group, the legendary, seventy-five year old, Raja Ram, into a beautiful mind trip of sound. Simon took the time out of his busy day to answer a few questions for his fans before his highly anticipated show at Lincoln Theatre, tonight, February 24th. The show is more likely going to be a SOLD OUT, visually provocative production.

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Shpongle is also bringing fellow artist/producer Phutureprimative. Phutureprimitive is the stage name of Bay Area producer and songwriter, RainPhutureprimative has a sound that parallels Shpongle’s, in that his music tempts the outer levels of consciousness into a melodic journey of self-discovery.

Shpongle tells us why his Red Rocks show and other future dates have been cancelled, his perception on the EDM scene is, the inspirations for his sound, who he’s listening too, and what his plans are after this tour is over.

Shpongle joker1

JRG (James Rockefeller Gray)

SHP (Shpongle)

JRG: Who do you listen to in EDM right now?

SHP: To be honest, I don’t really know what EDM is, or what qualifies music for that label. I listen to all sorts of bands & musicians, from Trentmøller to Tom Waits. I made a Spotify playlist of stuff I listen to here.

However I can’t promise there’s a load of EDM in it, because I don’t know what that description entails… I imagine girls in neon fluffy boots and loads of brightly colored plastic bracelets dancing to music that has too much treble and too many cheesy synth preset sounds. Is that an accurate representation?

JRG: Who or what are some of the inspirations for you music?

SHP: The experiences of life are an inspiration; the smile of a stranger, the people on TV that make you want to throw a brick through the screen, the sound of birds at dawn when you’ve been up all night and their singing sounds like the song you’ve been listening to.

Musically, I urge you to look up Delia Derbyshire – a true pioneer!

Bonus author’s note: Delia Derbyshire created the theme song to “Dr. Who” 1970’s TV show.

JRG: Do you perform under any psychedelics?

SHP: No, officer.

JRG: Are planning on touring with your live band?

SHP: Not right now. Raja Ram is 75 years old this year, and wants to take a break, so sadly we’ve cancelled Red Rocks and other shows.

JRG: What’s next for you? And what do you want us to spread the word about? 

SHP: Once I finish the tour, I’m hoping for some studio time with Joe Russo and then finishing our 6th Shpongle album.


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