Sights on the City
Episode 12:
The Lowdown Show

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This week writer and Durham bon vivant, Chris Vitiello, and our Editor, Aaron Mandel, are on hiatus.

Taking over the show, and the couches at Mercury Studio, are our podcast duo, columnist, Runaway model, and man about town, Justin Laidlaw, with his shaggy partner in hijinks, musician, poker player, cultural auteur, Tommy Rau.

We were stoked to get an exclusive interview with The Lowdown Show before they go live next Tuesday at MotorCo with lions, tigers, bears, wedding vow renewals, and a Durham couples’ exclusive: “How well do you know your significant other??” ala the Newlywed Show.

Filmmaker, Josh Hardt is running the production and making all the technical wizardry behind the lenses and in the editing room happen.

Check out all The Lowdown Show episodes here.

Catch them Tuesday, February 10th at MotorCo.

See all of our Sights on the City episodes here on the Clarion Content Youtube Channel.

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