Sights on the City
Episode 13:
Thaddeus Hunt

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Writer, curator, thinker, and Durham insider, Chris Vitiello, and I started sitting down for conversations outside Cocoa Cinnamon several months ago. This week Chris is on hiatus.

At the Clarion Content have set our “Sights on the City” allowing our jib to be trimmed by the cultural winds of Durham. We curate your City.

This week in Episode 13, we talk to Thaddeus Hunt, or as he prefers Tad. Tad’s diversity and range epitomizes and mirrors Durham’s so much so that we thought we’d split our dynamic conversation into two parts for you. In part I, Tad tells about an amazing project for the sanitary elimination of human waste, backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that he is associated, essentially making better toilets to make the world a better place. In part II, Tad tells about a personal passion project. The Durham Street Art Tumblr. This is a website where he collates some of the amazing and fascinating. street art of Durham

As always filmmaker, Josh Hardt, is running the production and making all the technical wizardry happen.

Part I-Flushless Toilets

Part II-Durham Street Art

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