the Green Wall

photo by THaddeus Hunt of the Durham Street Art Tumblr

Demolition has begun on the Austin Lawrence property that once held Durham’s iconic “Green Wall” as well as being, more importantly, the site of Woolworth’s Drug Store and an important civil rights action. Deconstruction has consigned Matthew Currin’s and Derek Toomes’ terrific mural to memory.

Green Wall photo-Tad Hunt

photo by Tad Hunt on the Durham Street Art Tumblr


It did reveal a fascinating piece of art in the former Mr. Shoe location.

122 West Main Street 'Mr. Shoe' (Courtesy Durham County Library)

122 West Main Street ‘Mr. Shoe’ (Courtesy Durham County Library via

This space, after a fire in the adjacent Parrish Street addresses in 2001, was largely abandoned.

From the Parrish Street side, 2001. (Courtesy Durham County Library via

From the Parrish Street side, 2001. (Courtesy Durham County Library via


Mr. Shoe on Main Street shot facing NW (Courtesy Durham County Library via


Our sources say that the subsequently closed and abandoned Mr. Shoe building became an artists’ studio and collective work space some time in the early 2000. There was no central air or good ventilation, so it was swelteringly hot during the Summers.

When the Green Wall came tumbling down we discovered this amazing relic (also now demolished).

behind the green wall 1


behind the green wall 3

These photos were taken on February 23rd, 2015 by our Editor.


behind the green wall 2


behind the green wall 4

Our sources speculate this painting was done by an artist from Chicago who was part of the studio collective when nights inside the loop were pretty quiet. (Save for Ringside.)

If you know more about this story, the artist, the piece, the studio space, and/or Mr. Shoe, we’d love to hear it.

If you are looking for an update on the tear down, we got these photos from an elevated angle today.

above the green wall site

Green Wall 3.9.15 demo 4

Green Wall 3.9.15 demo 2

Green Wall 3.9.15 demo 3

Green Wall 3.9.15 demo 1

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