Sights on the City
Episode 14:
Catherine Howard
Conversing Fire

Writer, curator, thinker, and Durham insider, Chris Vitiello, and I started sitting down for Durham conversations at the end of last year. We push each other, inform each other, entertain each other.

Durham is changing and we want to engage you, our citizenry, in a conversation about those changes.

We have set our Sights on the City.

Our sails are filled by the cultural and political winds of change whipping through Durham. We are both delighted to live in and talk about this town “renown the World around.” Our pal, filmmaker, Josh Hardt is running the production and making all the technical wizardry happen.

In Episode 14, we talk to Catherine Howard of Conversing Fire who recently organized ARTerveners, a conference on social justice and art featuring Marit Dewhurst, director of art education at The City College of New York.

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