Sights on the City
Episode 17
The Art of Cool
Cicely Mitchell

Writer and Durham insider, Chris Vitiello, and I started sitting down for Durham conversations at the end of last year outside Cocoa Cinnamon. We challenge, inform, and entertain each other.

Chris is on hiatus preparing for a special event he hosted at The Carrack.

Writer, model, podcast co-host, Justin Laidlaw aka Buddy Ruski sat in on the Mercury Studio couch.

We have set our Sights on the City.”

Our pal, filmmaker, Josh Hardt of Made with Hardt is running the production and making all the technical wizardry happen.

This week we got to sit down with the co-founder of The Art of Cool one week before the second annual Art of Cool Fest inundates Durham with a melange of melodious music.

Durham, “We curate your City.”

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