Let’s get ready to word-rumble, Durham!


This Sunday (May 17) at Motorco, “Writers in the Ring”, a no-holds-barred live writing fracas, throws together six local writers, gives each of them a prompt, sets the clock for only six minutes, and then you get to watch a huge projection of their screen as they scramble to compose an original piece of writing. Inspired by Lucha Libro in Peru, this free-for-all, audience-fueled competition challenges the writers to take specific feedback from the audience and turn it right back into performance. And then… the top two go head-to-head for the championship belt!

Come watch this seriously terrifying high wire act!

Wait for these writers to flub and fumble!

Cheer and jeer their every word!

Shout out better adjectives!

Holler insults about their turns of phrase!

Competing for Heavyweight Champ of the Word:

Dasan Ahanu: whirlwind Bull City Slam Team coach, Jambalaya Soul Slam founder
Aaron Belz: rib-cracking hilarious poet, author of “Glitter Bomb” among other books
shirlette ammons: singer, poet, composer, recording artist, polymath slugger
Eric B Martin: multi-published novelist and playwright of “Donald,” drunken-fighting wine magnate
Anita Woodley Productions: ambidextrous creator and performer of “Mama Juggs” and “The Men In Me”
Summer Kinard: multi-published novelist, soprano, blogger extraordinaire at writinglikeamother.com

Don’t forget to check out the competitors before you arrive, calculate the odds, pick your favorite, talk to your bookie, and create signs and noisemakers to throw the other competitors off their game.

$10 at the door / 8pm-9.30pm / Motorco Music Hall in Durham

** All proceeds go to the Durham Library Foundation as part of the Read Local Book Festival **

Organized and Hosted by Chris Vitiello

Before becoming the Poetry Fox, I didn’t realize how much of a rush having a live and raucous audience could be for a writer!

Championship Belt by Libby Lynn

(Sneak peek……)

Celebrity Judges are Duncan Murrell, Stephanie Whetstone, Tom Campbell and…


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