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The Clarion Content Podcast lives for the stories of Durham, North Carolina and our citizens. This renown town has tales to tell. With a little help from our friends, we will find the best of them.

This week the Clarion Content talked with Lindsay Perry of Full Flower Herbs. She is an herbalist who is running her small business out of her Durham home.

Full Flower Herbs...Lindsay Perry's jar motherwort tincture "macerating"/extracting

Full Flower Herbs…Lindsay Perry’s jar motherwort tincture “macerating”/extracting

It was truly a pleasure to have a conversation about how you can bring herbalism and herbal health into your life in simple, easy, natural ways. My favorite nugget was when Lindsay said she recognizes plants in the wild like friends in public, not by scrutinizing their features, but by having a comfortable familiarity.

We recorded in Mercury Studio at 401 West Geer Street. Our host was Editor, Aaron Mandel. Special thanks to The Makery and Lee Moore Crawford for making it happen.

Part I is our conversation. Part II readers and friends of Full Flower Herbs submitted questions for a segment we called, “Ask the Herbalist.”

Part 1 with Lindsay Perry

Part 2 “Ask the Herbalist

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