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Luve Schmaked

How do you find Will Smith in the snow? You look for the fresh prints…….Armed with production from $ly ranger, Internet, Josh Refe, and Kellbender, LuvE explodes onto the scene with his latest EP entitled “Schmaked.”

LuvE presents twelve tracks of his life on drugs. He might be that rapper that is on his way to being the most notable rapper in Raleigh. This is LuvE’s third EP, and “Schmaked” has already gotten of to a great start, garnering thousands of plays within its first month.

LuvE from his twitter

LuvE from his twitter

1) Tracers (Enter The Unknown)

This track opens with a reproduction of that spaced out feeling you get when powering you’re Playstation. “Tracers,” the first song off the EP, brings about a unquenchable thirst for more.

2) Mirror Portal 

The second song features Kami Fonzo of TUT fame with $ly ranger on production. Word on the street is they are planning to do a full project together. You must admit these two sound phenomenal every time there on a track together.  Luve continues to raise the stakes with this one.

Kami Fonzo

Kami Fonzo

3) Lucy

“Lucy” LuvE’s third track, takes a bit of a twist. LuvE raps from the perspective of a man opening up to his girl exposing true thoughts about life. He is focused on getting his proper paper (money) all while representing ATAN to the fullest.

4) Rockstar

The fourth track brings with it the second feature for the “Schmaked” EP. On this track produced by AMORE, Lord Chums offers superb aura to mix that could knock Hades himself back.

5) King

The intro of opens with a short lyric spurt, “I am a King. You don’t have to see what I see because I am a King.” More synth’s are then brought in right before heavy 808’s slam down in a crushing matter. LuvE sounds exceptionally boastful when telling lames to step aside and suffocate in the second verse.

6) Euphoria *Replay Worthy*

The great songs just keep coming. This is the second track produced by $ly ranger on the EP. Featuring a bold and spicy hook “STFU if you aint talking bout no paper/ F*ck y’all n*ggas and y’all fakers/ We can do this on our own/ So don’t never call my phone.” And he outro makes the whole song replay worthy!

7) Stupid *Replay Worthy*

“Stupid” is an outstanding representation of what LuvE is as a rapper and as an artist. He takes tremendous responsibility with the flow, delivery, and execution of detail within his very first verse. Sh0gun goes stupid.

8) Bud On My Pants 

Another display of what LuvE can assemble is “Bud On My Pants.” The song opens with a real dreamy synth based melody.  “Bud On My Pants” features a verse from Swerzie who goes into intricate detail regarding his daily intake of the chronic. [Ed. Note: Do we hear a Fleetwood Mac sample?]

9) D.A.R.E.

Ralph Super’s vocals are at the front of this song, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your feelings about his voice and tone. The drums definitely have that hard punch that AMORE (who produced many of the tracks on this EP) has been consistently using. The lyrics are a little confusing, but what else would you expect from an EP tittle “Schmaked?”

10) Hades

Andromeda and Perseus do a good job of setting the mood on this track produced by Internet. The intro is from the Clash of the Titans. It speaks volumes of how LuvE feels about himself.  “You should be ashamed of yourself talking down on some gods,” LuvE boasts.

11) Celestial Intergalactic Sunshine

Finally, something a little weird. The “Yeahs” provide  a rhythmic bed for LuvE to lay his verse in. It’s difficult to tell what the song is about specifically about in one or two listens, but there’s some kind of political angle to it.

12) Looking Like

The song’s intro sounds a bit therapeutic, before a surprisingly mucky key based melody interjects. On the EP’s closer LuvE offers a final tribute to dread locked rappers. Its as if the explosion of “Schmaked”  never happened. LuvE is back in the realm of militant, mid-tempo bounce with a track that would sound great waking up in the morning.

Tim Mapp is more than just a hip-hop writer, he works at a couple of the area’s top clubs as a sound and lighting technician. He leads music business and recording seminars. A graduate of Full Sail University with a degree in recording and music business management, he is our Man on the musical scene.

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