Sights on the City
Durham City Council
Jillian Johnson
Part II

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Here at the Clarion Content, we are thrilled to bring you a series of interviews with as many of the sitting Durham City Council members and City Council candidates as we can. We are extremely thankful to Durham City Council candidate Jillian Johnson for agreeing to come on and chat with our Editor Aaron Mandel.

We had a powerful and dynamic conversation with this exciting candidate. We discussed Durham’s opportunities and obligations, past, present, and future. See Part II of our interview below and even more with City Council candidates on our YouTube Channel.

On “Sights on the City” our Durham-centric YouTube show, our goal is to “Curate your City.

Part II

Sights on the City” is produced by Josh Hardt.

Shot on location at our delightful co-working space, Mercury Studio, 401 West Geer Street, Durham, NC.

Early voting is already underway.

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