Sights on the City
Episode 30
The Durham Hotel

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We have another unique “Sights on the City” for you this week. We get to go inside the beautiful The Durham Hotel from the newsstand to the rooftop. General Manager Craig Spitzer generously sat down for another interview with the Clarion Content.

They are engaged with Durham and open to the public for everything from their coffee bar to their rooftop yoga classes, and very soon, an Andrea Reusing restaurant.

We hope to open your eyes to some Durham you haven’t seen yet.

This episode of “Sights on the City” is guest hosted by our Fashion and Culture columnist, Cady Childs, and our Editor, Aaron Mandel.

Sights on the City” is produced by Josh Hardt. Filming by Josh Hardt and Jason Wolonick.

Shot on location at The Durham Hotel at 315 East Chapel Hill Street inside the Durham Downtown Loop.

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