Sights on the City
The Carrack
Cady Childs Interviews
Director Laura Ritchie

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This episode of Sights on the City we were lucky enough to sit down with the Director of Durham’s renown zero-commission gallery, Laura Ritchie of The Carrack. Ritchie and guest host, Cady Childs discuss The Carrack’s upcoming fundraiser and Masquerade extravaganza at the 21C Durham, as well as The Carrack’s future and plans for 2016.

Filmed and guest produced by Jason Wolonick.

On “Sights on the City” our Durham-centric YouTube show, our goal is to “Curate your City Durham.”

Shot on location at The Carrack, 111 West Parrish Street, during The Scanners: Four artists elaborate on the unique aperture of the scanner’s bed: Leah Sobsey, John Gallagher, Tama Hochbaum, Jim Lee.

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