Tomorrow World 2015

TomorrowWorld 2015 feature

by: James Rockefeller Gray

all photos by Cody Chesneau

Is it over? Is all the shit talking and bashing about TomorrowWorld 2015 finally over?!?  Media outlets who weren’t credentialed and journalists who were not at this year’s TomorrowWorld had a field day in the news, reporting mostly hearsay. The people who trashed TomorrowWorld on social media were largely not there.  Only a few outlets told readers about what actually happened at TomorrowWold 2015.

If you were there, you now have the privilege to say that you raged at the most historic TomorrowWorld that will probably take place in the next ten years.  That’s right ten years, TomorrowWorld still has their contract until 2025. So this article is dedicated to the hard working people who brought us TomorrowWorld 2015 and to the festival goers who didn’t give a flying F%#k about the rain. People of TomorrowWorld were definitely united in having the best experience possible.

Dreamville Camping Grounds was beyond ready to party, there were parties every night . Shaq aka DJ Diesel, Rudimental, 7 Lions, David Guetta (who played some Trap and Hip Hop BTW!), and Adventure Club were the most talked about sets of the weekend in Dreamville.

Yes there was rain. And yes, it was a pain in the ass. Thursday night and Saturday afternoon, the rain wasn’t heavy. It just didn’t stop for long periods of time and made parts of Dreamville muddy. More Port-a-Johns for next year is a must! It was nearly impossible to walk through the mud to the restroom area in Dreamville.

The staff of TomorrowWorld was superb. They provided free coal to anyone who wanted to grill food in the Dreamville Common area. They were always ready to answer questions, and if they didn’t know the answer, they would find out.

Lets’ keep it real here. TomorrowWorld 2015 was amazing.

We have the photos to prove it and this will give everyone an insight on what really took place inside the gates of TomorrowWorld.  When the TW officials decided to close its door to non-campers, it was probably the boldest and bravest move that any festival can make. Imagine how much money they lost.  It was a bold move because they would rather not present a half-ass festival, take people’s money, and risk of pissing off everyone in attendance, and ultimately losing more than money in the long run.  TomorrowWorld is still a baby festival in the USA, and it’s still working out its kinks.  Take a look at our journey of TomorrowWorld 2015.

The People

The rain threatened to take the spirit away from TomorrowWorld this year, but the people united and raged harder.  Festival goers were generous, gracious, and came ready with P.L.U.R (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect).

TomorrowWorld People 1

TomorrowWorld People 2

The Festival

The Festival in its self was the ultimate party.  The production team deserves a gold medal. The stages on the top of the hills were closed down. But the remaining stages had no technical difficulties. Sexy bodies and totems galore flooded the stages.  It was truly a sight to see.

TomorrowWorld Festival 1


TomorrowWorld Festival 3

TomorrowWorld Festival 2

TomorrowWorld Festival 4

The Food Courts

The Food of TomorrrowWorld is the best out of any festival that I‘ve experienced. Asian Sensation and Chicken and Waffles, of course, made their annual appearances.  But it was the newcomers who brought Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese, and the BBQ vendors who were actually the owners of the land that hosts TomorrowWorld.

TomorrowWorld Staff 2

TomorrowWorld Staff 3

TomorrowWorld Staff 1

What we’ve learned from this year? Buy a camping pass, no seriously buy a camping pass. Who is to say that next year we won’t have inclement weather?  Bring rain boots, bring a poncho, and anything else that can help keep you dry.  What TomorrowWorld officials should take away from this is BETTER COMMUNICATION with contract businesses like UBER and the Shuttle system, also, TomorrowWorld needs more signage.

If you’re not there next year I feel bad for you, son, I got 99 problems and TomorrowWorld aint one! Special Thanks to Sunshine Sachs PR team, and the marketing team of TW, your hard work did not go unnoticed.

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