An Interview with Big Wild

Big Wild. Photo by Andi Lipo.

by: James Rockefeller Gray

If there is any electronic musician you should know from the year 2015, it should be Big Wild. Big Wild is set to crush the year 2016 in the festival world, with a few of his secret collaborations he has tightly sealed. This is the guy that Griz personally called to ask if he would go on tour with him. Similar to Griz, Big Wild plays live instruments as well. He uses a keyboard and an electronic drum pad combined with electronic rhythms, hip-hop, and vocal sampling to produce a dirty, cinematic up-tempo, bass-thumping sound. Big Wild, is a musical force to be reckoned with. The Griz tour stopped by the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, NC and it was completely packed, shoulder-to-shoulder. Big Wild commanded the crowd. I had the pleasure to meet Jackson, the artist behind Big Wild. Jackson is the Clark Kent to Big Wild’s Superman identity. Jackson is very different from his Big Wild persona. Jackson is calm and collected. Big Wild is energetic and hyped, but wears it with a blanket of cool.

It’s still hard to believe that he’s not signed to a label. Griz heard of him off of soundcloud and later on did a collaboration, and he’s also signed to one of the top booking agencies in the world (Windish Agency). Big Wild became famous underground off of his Soundcloud. By October 2015, the Electronic Dance Music scene was buzzing over Big Wild’s live shows. He was one of the most talked about EDM acts at one of the largest Halloween music festivals in the United States… Hulaween. I had the pleasure of sitting and talking with him before he performed at the Lincoln Theatre this past October, and again a few weeks later. He talks about fame, Griz, and the cinematic sound of his music. Interview is below and check out his collaboration with Griz on their hit song For the Love.

James Rockefeller Gray: How did you first link up with Griz?

Big Wild: Griz and All Good Records originally reached out to me to do a remix of For the Love, and of course I said yes! They really dug what I made and from there they asked if I wanted to go on tour with Griz as direct support, which was another easy yes. I love working with those guys, and the tour was a blast!

JRG: How would you describe your sound?

BW: To be general, I would say it’s adventurous and cinematic. I’m always looking for unique sounds, pairing of different styles, and new ways to create emotion. I want to bring listeners along on the journey.

JRG: We’ve talked about the cinematic elements that people experience in your music. Do you experience the same?

BW: I do, and that’s how I know if I’m ready to release a song. I have to be emotionally invested in a song for me to feel comfortable releasing it and sharing it with listeners. Using cinematic elements is one of the ways I try and convey emotion and make people feel something when they hear my music.

JRG: Any collaborations that you can talk about?

BW: I have multiple vocalists I’m working with for some original tracks I’ll be releasing in the upcoming months. I have a track that Griz blessed with a dope sax line that I’m really excited to finish up and share. I also have several producers I’m linking up with; many big things in the works!

JRG: Congratulations on the phenomenal set at Hullaween. Can we please see you on the festival circuit next season?

Absolutely, Hulaween was amazing! One of the biggest crowds I’ve played to, and they were really vibing with me. Many festivals planned for 2016; don’t worry about that.

JRG: What would you say to an aspiring musician?

BW: Work on your craft non-stop and challenge yourself to be original. Everything else besides music is secondary – don’t let anybody convince you otherwise.

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