Durham: A Year in Review with
Justin Laidlaw and Aaron Mandel



The inevitability can be daunting. All we can do is exist in it and relish in the experience to be alive at a time of great significance in Durham.

At the Clarion Content, we do our utmost to bring to light what is often kept shaded by the overwhelming amount of development in Durham, both figurative and literal.

In this podcast, Aaron Mandel and I spend time reflecting on the year’s events, from new hotels and apartments, to the changing of the guard in both the police department and the city council, to the arrival of Moogfest and the growth of the arts community.

With change both behind us and forthcoming in 2016, enjoy this podcast and consider all that you hope to see within yourself and your community as we all move forward together into uncharted territory.

Happy New Year’s, everyone. Stay safe. We look forward to seeing you next year.

Your friend,

Buddy Ruski


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Columnist Justin Laidlaw is a renaissance man. His interests range from the music business to politics, from Durham’s history and culture, to the world beyond. The co-host of Clarion Content’s podcast, he is fast becoming a veteran columnist. He is a fashion model, a tech sceptic, a business manager and more.

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