3rd Friday
February 2016

by: Caroline Crawford

a labor of love that took many months seen in progress

A labor of love that took many months seen in progress

Tonight I went downtown for third Friday Art Walk.

First, I found myself at the Carrack, which featured work by the artists that created the new civil rights mural near the Durham Art Council. Four of the artists were having a discussion about the experience. I read a very moving poem that was near a group of posters. The posters called for a Harm Free Zone in Durham and depicted strong motherly-looking women with buckets of blood like substance being poured on their heads. Gentle blues were being played by a fellow that I have seen down by the Farmer’s Market.

Onward, I headed to a photography gallery with photos of construction around Durham, and then down the street to see work by artists expressing their take on all the change and building going on so very rapidly in our city. Concerns about affordable housing and gentrification were addressed in clever ways.

I ran into “skateboard David” – he is a sweet kid I seem to bump into all over the place. Outside the gallery, in the little vest pocket park, I was delighted to find an old buddy, Aaron Mandel, running a kind of slideshow of digging machines, Tyvek skin buildings, and shots from the roof of 21-C (the museum hotel).

Slideshow caputred ina photo by: Stephanie Leathers

Slideshow caputred in a photo by: Stephanie Leathers

I missed the bus and decided to walk home rather than wait a half hour for the next one. A group of folks were exiting the new empanada joint and I heard my name yelled out. It was Laci, whom I had lived near three years ago…and then I was overtaken by David, heading east with his skateboard under his arm, and he walked with me for a couple of blocks. This is what makes a walk home entertaining.

Once inside my building, I ran into a fellow with a pool cue locking up the little exercise room, and checking the stairwells. Sometimes people sneak in. He told me that there have been six homicides across the street this past year; one of them was a young girl who got shot 15 times. Then he alarmed me by saying that someone shot at a woman standing in her third floor apartment window (of our building) because she was the mother of some gang member or another.

What a night, a little bit of everything.


Caroline Crawford is a renowned outsider artist and long-time Durham resident.


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    I loved this little vignette of a walk in Durham, beautiful imagery. I felt like I was there beside her. Keep it going Caroline Crawford.

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