“Ain’t Gonna Let HB2 Turn Us Around”:
A Collage of Voices

By: Leslie Rachael Nydick

The voices against North Carolina’s HB2 will not be silenced.

On April 25 at the State Capitol, the governor, and legislators returned to session.


Opponents of the Bill greeted them with special gifts. Boxes of petitions against the Bill. Songs of freedom on the balcony.


Voices connected in the chamber and outside the entrance.

NC Legislative Building-April 2016, Rally Against HB2-Sail on Freedom from Leslie Nydick on Vimeo.
We own the Constitution. Keep bigotry out of the bathroom. Our generation is answering the call to justice. Those who say nothing are as guilty as those who voted for the Bill. Speak truth to power. Pass on the narrative: It’s about bathrooms. It’s about more than bathrooms. The Fight for $15. The Right to Sue for job discrimination. Don’t hate the Republicans-convince them. These are American issues. Not partisan politics. They are the party of small government. The party of economic well-being. Let’s all work, not just talk. Work to elect a new governor. Work to get just FOUR MORE VOTES and end the Republican supermajority. Together we can do anything.

Feet staked on the words of the Great Seal.

Stay up, NC. Ignite NC. No Hate, Don’t Discriminate.

IMG_6629 IMG_6625 IMG_6633

Voices chanting.

We won’t do HB2. North Carolina Stick Together.

Voices waiting outside the basement of the Legislative Building on McDowell Street. Voices of those who endured till the end. Watching as handcuffed friends and family members and strangers who are no longer strangers get loaded into buses that say in black and white: “Division of Prisons, Inmate Transfer.”


Voices singing.

Ain’t gonna let HB2 turn me around, turn me around, turn me around. Ain’t gonna let HB2 turn me around. Keep on walkin’, keep on talkin’, walkin’ into freedom land.

HB2rallyRaleighncApril21016 from Leslie Nydick on Vimeo.

Voices chanting in call and response.

We thank you, We Love you, We thank you, We love you…

Voices chanting as the brave look up towards the evening sky, whose colors have turned from bluegray to rose to lavender. The brave 56 who get a police escort to the Detention Center. We follow these leaders as we chant.

We thank you, We Love you, We thank you, We love you.


*All photos courtesy of the author

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