Clarion Content’s Financial State

Feel free to use this image, just link to www.SeniorLiving.Org  This photo expresses how I feel about our current government budget.

Here at the Clarion Content, no matter how often we try to push it to the side, discussions about money are a central theme. We pay to host the website. We pay the bank a quarterly fee for our account. We pay Soundcloud to host the podcasts. And Hootsuite to manage the social media.

This is before you account for what we pay the Editor, the writers, the photographers, and the videographer. We also pay our interns.

All of that leaves us short several hundred dollars a month. Generous one-off contributions since Editor Jess Dilday came on-board have sustained us. But we haven’t received a single new one since the end of March.

At the suggestions of friends and community leaders, we set up a portion of our site where readers, listeners, and viewers of our various news platforms could donate to support our on-going operations.

Five very generous individuals have come forward and are contributing monthly to our operating costs. Sadly, their net contribution is less than $40/month.

For comparison, we typically pay $50 per article to the writers.

We believe we can sell advertising.

We believe that our content merits both advertising revenue and donations.

We believe the public has never lost its thirst for the news.

New revenue models for the local news since the advent of Craigslist have been difficult. We do not intend to take national or clickbait advertising via Google or another third party provider. We’d sooner shut it down then support that model.

However, we may have to shut it down. To lose hundreds of dollars every month is not sustainable.

We see The Pinhook and their fundraising success, and have thought about throwing a fundraiser in an attempt to emulate that model. (We haven’t brought a single cool act to Durham, though. Our value is more ephemeral and debatable.)

We also see The Carrack and their sustainer model of fundraising their on-going existence. Our donation platform, though we are not a 501(c)3, attempts to emulate that structure.

We believe media has societal value.

We need you to give so that we can continue to operate.

Unfortunately, our Editor has to step back in the interim until we can raise enough money to fund them. Jess will continue to contribute to Clarion Content, and we will still be able to pay our writers. But without incoming contributions from readers, businesses, and community members in Durham, we will not even be able to pay the writers for much longer.

The harsh truth is – we are in dire need of money to continue running Clarion Content. Will you help?

If you prefer to advertise or sponsor, and you are NC-based, we would welcome that.

We want to continue to curate Durham.

1,000 people giving a mere $3/month would allow us to pay the Editor (part-time) all of the writers, and videographers, and nearly break even on other expenses.

2,000 people giving $5/month, would allow the owner to begin to recoup some of the tens of thousands pumped into this community resource.

Thank you for your ongoing support and readership.

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*featured image courtesy of www.SeniorLiving.Org

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  • Reply August 10, 2016

    Cody Chesneau

    Have you thought about creating a patreon? You can give rewards based on subscription values that people giver per month. Tiered rewards. You can also give contributors more behind the scenes info and more, let them direct the site sort of. Make sure you take a look!!

    This really sucks, I really do love Clarion Content and what it stands for. I can do cross promotion if it helps. Let me know!

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