Town Hall
Episode 1-Pilot

We are delighted to add a new show to our YouTube line-up. “Town Hall” will feature City Councilman and long-time Durham resident, Steve Schewel, and Justin Laidlaw, aka Buddy Ruski, entrepreneurial creative, Runaway Clothes Communication and Media Director, American Underground liaison, and lifelong Durham citizen.

We want to host a conversation between Durham’s residents and politicians on topics that matter to all. We want the politicians to interview the public, as much or more than we want to interview the politicians. We will use this show and its format to push in that direction. We want to hear from you. Use social media to tell us what you think about how we are doing and what else we should be covering.

Over the past year we have shot thirty-four episodes of Sights on the City with Director Josh Hardt. It has been our eye on Durham culture and politics. So much is going in Durham; we decided we need a second show to cover it all. Sights on the City will continue following the exciting, vibrant cultural stories of Durham. Josh Hardt will continue to direct both shows and I will continue to produce them.

What makes these YouTube shows what they are is you, Durham. The grist is our people and the amazing things that you are doing.

We care about our residents. We are invested in our city and its government. We want to discuss, not only the positive, but what we could be doing better or at least differently.

As we tell you again and again at the Clarion Content, it is the duty of the media to call to account government, corporations, and the People. It is only possible to successfully achieve this function with the active support and participation of the People.

-Aaron Mandel, Publisher.

Without further adieu:

Episode 1: Town Hall, “Parking”

featuring Steve Schewel and Justin Laidlaw


Our apologies for any issues with sound quality. This show was produced on a zero budget. We are still looking for a headline sponsor. If you think that is you or your company, please contact us to discuss at clarioncontent (at) gmail dot com.


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