The Old Ceremony
Pop-up Chorus

This coming Monday, June 20th, Django Haskins and The Old Ceremony, will join Pop-up Chorus at MotorCo Music Hall on Rigsbee Avenue.

Now if you are not familiar with Pop-up Chorus, it is just what it sounds like. Durham has a tradition of pop-ups, from art shows, to demonstrations, to spontaneous parades, and musical events, our Durham Pop-ups are cultural flash mobs. Intermittent bursts of art and feeling.

Pop-up Chorus has been going strong for over a year, encouraging people to show up once a month and sing their guts out. No commitments. No judging.

This Monday is a special treat. Pop-up Chorus organizer, Lauren Bromley Hodge, says “I have seen Django Haskins in action as a teacher, as well as the excellent front man that he is…what a skilled wag and wit!!!  It should be an amazing evening.”

Pop-up Chorus is led by their conductor, Amelia Shull. The full band, The Old Ceremony will be there to collaborate on the joyful noise.

The songs on the docket are “Walkin’ After Midnight” by Patsy Cline and “Wichita Lineman” by Glen Campbell, if you want to practice at home. We recommend you get out your old-timey country duds and stroll on over. Tickets are already on sale.

Great singing voices are not required. Open hearts and enthusiasm are.

pop up chorus

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