Black Power Takeaways
The Shark Tank Presidency

—In the 2016 election, the Democrats lost control of the most powerful presidency ever.  The world is in a tizzy and African-American abstention was the lynchpin of the election.  African-American non-support of the Clinton Campaign has been blamed for Clinton’s lack of an overwhelming popular vote and hence, electoral college sway.

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by: Solomon Burnette

The Clinton campaign was rife with missteps.  Its messaging became so reactionary that the Trump campaign began controlling political discourse via Twitter.  The worst thing the Clinton Campaign could have done was to tell folks that not voting was the same as a vote for Trump.  In doing so, Mrs. Clinton increased the conscious value of abstention in the public electoral process. The use and value of abstention is much appreciated in the legislative branch of government, but not as much in the greater citizens’ electoral process.  The rarely, clearly articulated option of not voting as voting was seized upon by many dissatisfied constituents.

It was amplified by a Democratic Party that has been notorious for taking African-American voters for granted. The Democrats underestimated the resonance that Trump’s executive “boss swag” would have with the Hip-Hop generation.  Trump placed anti-Hillary ads in front of almost every classic Hip -Hop video on YouTube.  Alas, Hillary’s Beyoncé and Jay-Z endorsement was too little, too late.

Populations that are often seen as politically apathetic are in actuality quiescent constituencies.  This distinction should be obvious to anyone witnessing Obama election mobilizations and Clinton campaign missteps. Quiescent political populations support what they feel most immediately addresses their day-to-day realities. And in the wake of a Black presidency, Senator Clinton’s outreach to young voters of Color did not ring true.

What has been illuminated in the election of the Shark Tank president is that people of Color in America hold the fate of the whole world in their hands. This has always been the case, though this election has made it widely witnessed via post-vote, paternalistic, liberal finger wagging.  African-Americans now control the fate of the political world in no uncertain terms.  Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives;  like it or not, have to deal with it.  This reality, Trump presidency apprehensions notwithstanding, should assure citizens that the American experiment in democracy has truly formed a more perfect union.


The Clarion Content has been following Solomon Burnette since his 2011 City Council campaign. A Durham native son made good, he is a graduate of North Carolina Central University with BA in European History.


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