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The Clarion Content has followed the story of Runaway Clothes and founder Gabe Eng-Goetz from the earliest days. Full disclosure, we have collaborated numerous times, from our extremely successful Fashion Drive-by, shot by Jessica Arden and styled by Cady Childs, now almost five years ago, to sharing a booth at Centerfest. We can testify from the beginning Runaway Clothes has been running away from convention. They were a successful brand for year before they ever dropped DURM.

Fashion Drive-by shot by Jessica Arden

Gabe Eng-Goetz Fashion Drive-by shot by Jessica Arden

Eng-Goetz was an artist first. He brought an outsiders perspective to the fashion world about affordability. He wanted to do concept art on t-shirts. His painting (which you will hear he struggles to find time for) is superb.

Eng-Goetz says the same thing now that he did all those years ago, it is collaborative. Runaway Clothes finds ways to support the arts and philanthropic causes. Coming soon to a rotation of artists in the Runaway bricks-and-mortar store on Main Street, Carter McCall’s photographs of Syrian refugees, on exhibit now, the fiber and textile art of Ann Tilley.

courtesy of Runaway Clothes: Carolina Hurricanes Fear the Keeper

courtesy of Runaway Clothes: Carolina Hurricanes ‘Fear the Keeper’

In addition to keeping it locally collaborative, Runaway is still blowing up. You will hear even more in the podcast, the next year holds collaborations with the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes and other next level growth, this on the heels of last year’s night with the Durham Bulls.

The headline story is Runaway Clothes is once again stirring up the debate over gun violence. (No references to Cary’s plastic boredom this time.) They have a new line of product called the Bulletproof Collection.


1206 deaths in North Carolina last year were attributed to guns. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of these products go to the North Carolinians Against Gun Violence.

Joshua Gunn aka JGunn sporting the Bulletproof Collection

Joshua Gunn aka JGunn sporting the Bulletproof Collection

Eng-Goetz argues that Runaway Clothes can’t have all the answers, but we all benefit from the debate being in the public consciousness.

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