A Rose By Any Other Name:
The Music and Metaphysics

Daniel Del Rosario aka Drozy is in his bag and on his grind.

interviewed by: Solomon Burnette

Respectfully go against the grain with all your might.—Drozy

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He is a Durham native Son. He is one of the foremost faces of the beat making collective Raund Haus.  He’s spent the last couple years playing shows around the state and is slated for his first national tour this spring.  His track “Silo” was the hottest joint on the compilation album entitled, “Raund Haus-001”, and his “9God” album maxxxed out on Sound Cloud downloads.  In 2017, be on the lookout for collabs between him, Fredi Sholtz, kenyattassata, himamenbipp, Trandle, Preecher, and Lesha Bey.

S: Where you from?
D:  Durham, North Carolina

S:  What soccer clubs have you played for?
D:  Casl, Triangle Futbol Club, Gibbons High School

S: How does your cultural heritage inform your work?

D: I’m Filipino, we grimy, full of pride and dope. Music is hardwired into us, especially rhythm.

S: Explain the name Drozy to our readers.
D: Growing up my name was D-Ro on the soccer field.  When I changed my life I switched it up aesthetically, but basically it’s just a compressed version of my last name, Del Rosario.

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S:  What’s the philosophy behind your work?
D:  I like each element to hold a space, in and of itself.  I want the feeling to be organic and natural.  I go into music with the [either] harmony or melody in mind, and then I add the latter, and it all comes together by the grace of God.

Music is invisible, so it’s gotta be soft… everything else is a façade


S:  Wow… What if any impact would you like your work to have?

D:  I want it to be timeless and relatable from when you’re in the fetus to when you’re chillin’ in your coffin.


S:  That’s heavy on so many levels … what influences are accompanying you on your journey?

D: Flying lotus, No Such Thing (NST), Neil Young, Birdman, Johnny Green, Radiohead, Tom Morello, Rage Against the Machine, Chopin.

S:  That’s a deep list… talk to me about Flying Lotus, Radiohead, and Birdman.

D:  Flying Lotus:  his rhythms in general and the fullness of his music sonically.  He comes at it like a scientist, like a physicist, a metaphysician.

Radiohead:  I like their realness. They’re not trying to cater to a certain crowd, they just make what they feel and whoever fucks with it fucks with it, and that’s what I try to do. As to Thom Yorke, everyone says he’s a dick, but I relate to that…

Birdman:  He’s like the father figure of a lot of cats who came up in the struggle.  Lil’ Wayne is one of the most prolific rappers of our time, that whole era, I respect it so much because I wasn’t ready for it. I was young at the time but I appreciated the buzz. I was into soccer at the time so music was less important.  I’d won four state championships with different clubs, so…

Later, artistic and athletic worlds came together and [I realized] my production mode was akin making people move and dancing the way you do with the ball in the sport.

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S:  That’s some heavy shit. What’s in your playlist right now?

D:  Toro y Moi, Bad Bad Not Good, Jon Hopkins, and any rap music. I like it.

S:  Hilarious. What’re your two favorite songs you’ve made that we can find online?

D:  S L E E P and W E I R D are both on my SoundCloud

S:  How do you see your role in the local music scene?

D:  Facilitator of the good and the bad and the best- person- ever.

S:  What do you dislike most about the music industry?
D:  Just gonna say, not everything is as it seems.

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S:  What do you like most about the music industry?
D:   Everything is exactly how you want to see it because you willed it to happen just like you willed your life to happen.  The best thing is the universe/god/the big man wouldn’t stress you if he knew u couldn’t handle it, ya dig?



S: If your music were visually represented, what would it look like?

D:   A robot

S:   Lol. What do you want from your music?

D:  I am trying to travel comfortably. I also want to play to people who care. I want to set the mode for upstreaming of local artists into national and international forum.

S:  Good stuff. What’s your inspiration out here?

D:  Life, survival, squad, relationships, soccer, day-to-day struggles.

S:  What’s your advice to these folks out there tryna make moves?

D:  Respectfully go against the grain with all your might.


Catch Drowzy tonight at The Pinhook with Trandle, DeFacto, and Ace Henny.

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