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Yesterday in the American Tobacco Campus sitting in the amazing “Black on Black” exhibit, I talked to Durham Hip Hop rising star, DeFacto Thezpian, on the debut of his new Mixtape. We hear his background story from playing Joseph in “Black Nativity” at Hillside High School to the open mic at The Marvell.

Friday, DeFacto Thezpian’s Burgundy Skylines drops on WXDU 88.1 live at 9am. Shortly thereafter you will be able to hear it on the Clarion Content’s Soundcloud here.

In the meantime, check out our two part interview below to hear DeFacto Thezpian’s story.


DeFacto Thezpian photo by Early Bird Photography.

DeFacto Thezpian photos by Early Bird Photography.

DeFacto Thezpian interview Part I

DeFacto Thezpian interview Part II

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