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Recognize the bunny running away from convention?

Recognize the bunny running away from convention?

Have they been hiding under a rock? After a long hiatus1 LiLa is preparing to return to the scene. The once extremely popular2 Durham musical duo3, Eli McDuffee (Li) and Jon Le Sueur (La), just dropped the first single off of their forthcoming album “V”.

Out of sight for the last several years as Durham music culture has exploded around them, it will be interesting to see how old fans4 and DURM newbs, who only know the shirts, not the culture, react to their reappearance. Will they make a splash or are there already too many ripples and crosscurrents in this suddenly very active pond?

Terrific video, filmed and edited by Cameron Spann at Deadfly Worldwide Films.

It was like that…

It was like that... photo by Beth Mann of Early Bird Photo

LiLa photo by Beth Mann of Early Bird Photo


1 All kidding aside, Le Sueur suffered a deeply personal tragedy that contributed to the duo’s long break.

2 Their annual holiday show was a MotorCo fixture and always sold out.

3 No word on bandmates or the line-up on the album.

4 Full disclouse, your truly was/is a HUGE LiLa fan.

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