Town Hall
Episode 5
Education in Durham
Steve Unruhe
Durham School Board

Welcome to the fifth episode of our Durham based, citizen talks to politician You Tube show, “Town Hall,” featuring City Councilman, publisher, long-time Durham resident, and Mayoral Candidate, Steve Schewel, and Justin Laidlaw, aka Buddy Ruski, writer, Runaway Clothes Media Director, American Underground liaison, and Durham bon vivant.

Steve Unruhe, DPS School Board (left), Justin Laidlaw (center), Steve Schewel Durham City Councilman (right)

Steve Unruhe, DPS School Board (left), Justin Laidlaw (center), Steve Schewel Durham City Councilman (right)

In episode 5, directed by Josh Hardt, Steve and Justin welcome a special guest, Durham School Board Member, Steve Unruhe to discuss education in Durham. They talk about charter schools, universal Pre-K, teacher retention, graduation rates, and more.

In part II, the two Steves and Justin take an audience submitted question and run with it.

We want your comments, here or on our YouTube channel. We welcome your questions and thoughts about our upcoming topics. (Episodes in the pipeline: solid waste, parks and recreation, y mas.)

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  • Reply June 30, 2017

    Melissa Rooney

    I’d love to see Schewel, as a CITY councilman or mayor, find ways for the city to partner with DPS, regarding trash and recycling pickup at the very least. I cringe every time I hear a city official or employee effectively say “DPS is the county’s problem”. The city is IN the county, and our public schools are everyone’s responsibility.

    I appreciate this town hall episode with the 2 Steve’s. I hope you’ll follow up – have coffee with these two and discuss some hard topics, like our historically low-performing and low-income schools and how to meaningfully improve them (in terms of the *students*, not online reputations) moving forward, the role of community involvement (PTA’s, funding, substitute teachers, etc.) in our increasingly underfunded schools and how our schools look in this regard, etc.

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